'Little Ballet’ is a fun introduction to the graceful world of ballet. Students learn early ballet skills and steps, and have fun expressing themselves through creative movement. Classes provide a nurturing, developmentally appropriate environment for our budding dancers, and follow the Angelina Ballerina stories through the beautiful Angelina Ballerina Academy® curriculum. Classes for 3 - 4yrs & 5 - 6yrs. For our tiniest dancers (18mth - 3yrs) our Dance With Me Little Ballet classes welcome parents into the class to participate with their child.


‘Little Stars’ is a fun introduction to gymnastics, jazz and song and dance. Classes start with a musical warm up and then moves into a fun class of jazz dance. Through basic gymnastics moves and gross motor skills we will build strength in a safe way for developing little bodies. We will also learn songs and combine everything into fun dance routines! Classes for 3 - 4 yrs.


Cheerleading is a challenging and dynamic team sport. Dance 2XS teaches fun recreational classes as well as competition cheer squads. Learn stunts, pyramids, tumbling, dance, cheer routines and pom. Our classes cater for both beginner and experienced students of all ages, and are loads of fun! Cheerleading with Dance 2XS develops teamwork skills in a friendly environment with encouraging coaches that really care. We have been the proud trainers of the well known Cairns Taipans Mini Squad for 13 years.


Our gymnastic classes focus specifically on tumbling, floor work and acrobatics. All work is done on mats in our fully equipped tumbling studio. Loved by students our 9m air floor not only assists with safety, but adds loads of fun when learning new tricks. Rolls, handstands, cartwheels, walkovers, aerials, hand springs and tucks are just some of the skills students learn in class. We offer classes for children of all ages and abilities. Tumbling & Acrobatics is beneficial for cheerleaders, gymnasts and dancers as it helps to improve strength, flexibility, balance, posture, as well as acrobatic ability. Each student works at their own pace in a safe and supportive environment.


Our classes cover both slow and fast dance styles. As well as having a technical focus, emphasis is also placed on fitness, flexibility and performance skills. Modern and Contemporary dance is an opportunity for technical development and self expression with diverse and modern choreography outside the scope of traditional ballet and jazz. Have fun learning dance routines to the latest music in these energetic classes.


Hip Hop includes urban street funk and features a mix of fluid and sharp movements in exciting routines, similar to what you see in movies such as Step Up. Fresh moves, pumping up the music, learning how to groove and having loads of fun is what these classes are all about! Come and join our Hip Hop classes and be a part of one of the fastest growing and most popular dance style of today.


Aerial Silks is a graceful form of acrobatics which you do while hanging from drapes of fabric. Our teacher Louise Kiiver is Cairns leading Aerial performer and teacher, with many years of experience "dancing in the air". With her professional instruction you will be introduced to the world of aerial acrobatics! Everything you learn is initially close to the mat for your safety. As you gain strength and confidence your instructor will encourage you to learn more advanced tricks. Aerial Silks is one of the newest and most challenging, yet most awe inspiring aerial art forms. Great for strength, flexibility, creativity, building confidence and feeling exhilirated doing aerial tricks! With small class sizes, everyone works at their own level in a supportive and encouraging environment.


Tap classes allow dancers to make music with their feet! It is a unique style of dance where the dancer’s feet and shoes act as a drum, making beats and sounds with each part of the shoe. Our classes focus on developing coordinatinon, rhythm and musicality in a fun and upbeat environment.


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